The Interfaith Broadcasting Commission is a cooperative venture of America's Abrahamic faith communities – a broad coalition of Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox Christians, Jewish and Muslim organizations — in partnership with the ABC, CBS and NBC television networks and their affiliated stations in every part of the nation.

This partnership is rooted in relationships as old as the broadcast industry itself, dating from an era when the networks produced weekly public affairs programs in collaboration with national Jewish and Christian communities. Today, the IBC faith groups originate the programs, the networks distribute them, and the local affiliates offer them to viewers across the country.

IBC's high quality programming, offered four to six times a year on each network, brings to the broadcast industry and the general public thoughtful, original content that heightens the awareness of and appreciation for the many ways that religious faith plays a positive role in American life.

The IBC television documentaries and liturgical programs not only inspire individuals to explore ways in which faith can enrich their lives, but also offer a positive and unique contribution to the quality and values of the nation's television programming. After more than 30 years of partnership, IBC and the broadcast industry continue to enliven the discussion and expression of religious faith for new generations of viewers.